Saturday, November 01, 2008

K. K. Shanta teacher passed away

Sad news to report fellow Auxilians, our science teacher K. K. Shanta teacher passed away!

I got news from Suzanna teacher she passed away on 14th July 2008.

God bless her soul. And give strength to her family.

I still recall how funny she could be sometimes while explaining science! We will always miss you so much.

R.I.P. :(

Sunday, September 07, 2008

School percentage in S.S.C. Examination

School percentage in S.S.C. Examination

1956 - 96%
1957 - 95%
1958 - 98%
1959 - 100%
1960 - 99%
1961 - 81%
1982 - 94%
1963 - 94%
1964 - 98%
1965 - 98%
1966 - 96%
1967 - 92%
1968 - 94%
1969 - 91%
1970 - 100%
1971 - 100%
1972 - 97%
1973 - 96%
1974 - 100%
1975 - 93%
1976 - 95%
1977 - 97%
1978 - 93%
1979 - 96%
1980 - 96%
1981 - 98%
1982 - 91%
1983 - 99%
1984 - 93%
1985 - 91%
1986 - 93%
1987 - 97%
1988 - 86%
1989 - 95%
1990 - 96.12%
1991 - 98.55%
1992 - 100%
1993 - 100%
1994 - 100%
1995 - 100%
1996 - 99.31%

Friday, September 05, 2008

Teachers day 5th september

Teachers day 5th September

So everyone must be thinking why am i boring you gals with 24 of our school hymns!!?? :P

well the answer is simple. we used to sing these songs every single day. i thought it would be nice to jog our memories to those lanes again!!!

and another simple reason is they are truely inspiring.

So what so special about this day? why i am personally addressing all of you?

The answer is this---->
The school staff pictured above:

Our girls in our sweet n very own "parrot style uniforms". i remember it was such a tease n cause of embarrassment. sadly with the new change of uniforms which occured some years back, days of yore will be missed! :(

Our Dear Late Sister Bertha.

Note Please:
1) all images have been watermarked to prevent any misuse, alteration or abuse.
2) please avoid removing the watermarks for i dont want anyone to freely distribute the pictures leading to them falling in wrong hands. (i noted that when i had put up one picture of the school, its now floating freely allover even some unregulated/not moderated groups or sites)
3) note all watermarks have been added at the bottom of the feet so as not to cover the faces of our illustrious & honoured teachers & sisters.
4) any misuse, abuse, alteration or using images to poke fun at anyone especially on orkut message boards will not be tolerated.
5) Using of pictures for personally abusing or criticising or fault finding of teachers or sisters will not be permitted.
6) No picture shall be distributed to anyone even on request without the watermark. So dont ask me!

And why am i making all these rules?
Well my mother had met Suzzana Teacher some time back who said students are indulging in "backbiting" of teachers especially on orkut by creating polls like 'who is worst? who is most irritating? such other inconsequential & stupid things.

These are very mean and hurtful things to do, especially towards one's guardians at school, the same teachers who educate us, enlighten us, criticise us so we can constantly strive to improve, love us when we feel down, inspire us, hold us when we cry.

And if anyone doesnt share these feelings, they are being most ungrateful.

Please dont take this personally. I myself have been networking over the years and observed that the current trend of "blemishing teachers on public forums" is most unhealthy.

Kindly avoid it.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

School Hyme 24

Bless Our Country

Bless our country, Lord God of power and might
Bless our India today
We are the children of a people so in love with you
Let that love not fade away.

1. Years have passed since we got our independence
Yet we're still the same
Poverty, injustice, caste discrimination
These are all our chains.

2. Bless our efforts to irradicate corruption
To build up bridges of peace
To break down the barriers that separate the classes,
And may your love increase.

School Hyme 23

Lord We Pray For Golden Peace

Lord we pray for Golden Peace
Peace all over the land
Let us dwell in liberty
Walking hand in hand.

1. Banish fear and ignorance
hunger thirst and pain
Banish hate and poverty
Let no man live in pain (2)

2. Keep us all forever one
One in love and grace
Wipe away all war and strive
Give freedom to each race (2)

School Hyme 22

Yahi Divas Hai

Yahi Divas hai jisae banaya
Prabhune hatho se
Prasann manse khushi manave
Nache gavae tan mann se
Alleluia, Alleluia
Nache gavae tan man se
Khushi manave tan man se
Yahee divas hai jisae banaya
Prabhu ne apne hatho se
Alleluia Alleluia

School Hyme 21

He Prabhu Darshan Do

He Prabhu Darshan do
Mere dil me ao
Tu hi Prabhu Jeevandata
Mujhpar daya karo
Tu hi Prabhu Muktidata
Mujhpar bdaya karo
Tu hi Prabhu Shantidata
Mujhpar daya karo